Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oops! I took a break!


I took an unintentional 11ish month break from my blog! Oops!! I'm going to try to write more regularly again. In the past year I have gotten to do so many fun new things!

One of the most exciting things is that I've started acting! From last July to this July I have gotten to be in about eight different TV shows (multiple episodes of some), two web commercials, two movies (one feature film and one documentary-drama), and many other film projects!! Most of my roles have been background actor/extra roles, but I have had some featured and speaking roles, too! I've had so much fun learning about this field, being on all different types of sets, seeing and meeting stars, traveling to many towns, cities, and states, and making a ton of new friends!

When you are cast in a role, you usually have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and you can't talk about the role or the project until it airs. It was hard not to talk about all of the things I've done, especially when I first started doing it! Now that many things have aired, I've been able to talk about it and take screen shots when I can see myself on screen :)

The feature film that I was an extra in is called Imperium, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Toni Collette and directed by Daniel Ragussis. It is being released tomorrow, Friday, August 19th, on limited release and through On Demand! I am so excited to see it! It is not playing many places so far, but Alex found out that it's showing at a theater in Washington DC, so we're going to try to see it there! I've read a lot of really good reviews so far. I'm excited to see if I made it into the movie!

There was a premiere in Hopwell, VA, where the movie was filmed, last night. I wish we had been able to go! It was just a little too far for us to drive there yesterday evening.

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Imperium was shot mostly in Hopewell. The day I worked was in October of last year and was one of the last days they were shooting the film. The other actors and the crew were great to work with! I got to meet Daniel, and he is just so nice and friendly! He spoke in an "American" accent throughout filming, so I never heard him speak in his regular accent. He introduced himself to me between shots in a scene I was in with him and we talked just a little bit after that while we finished the scene.

I wish I had pictures from being on set, but on most sets, photography isn't allowed. Some people I know who had bigger roles and filmed more days on set were able to take some pics, which is really cool! There have been a few sets I have been on where we were allowed to take and post pics, and of course I went picture crazy then! I'll share those on here soon!

Here is a link to the Imperium trailer: Click Here 

Once we see the movie I'll let you know what we think of it and whether or not I could see myself at all!

I'll write more soon about everything else we've been up to, too!

Thanks for reading!

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