Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Company and a Trip!


Last month my parents and Dude drove to Baltimore from Decatur, IL (where my grandparents live) to visit us!  We had so much fun while they were here!

First, we took my parents to the one-of-a-kind, Baltimore favorite...Target!  :)

My mom's birthday was the first full day that they were here!  We walked around our neighborhood to look at all of the cute old houses and buildings.

We went to the Walters Art Museum that evening and it was so cool!

I can't believe we hadn't been there yet!

Alex had to go to school during the day but when he got home we all went to eat!  We had dinner at Thai Landing, which is right across the street from our apartment.

Dude also has a June birthday!  Look how cute he is with this birthday cookie he got at the pet store across from our apartment!

My parents got to come to one of my improv shows while they were here!

We ate dinner at Cafe Hon before the show and looked in a cute shop on The Avenue.

On one of the days, my mom and I went through my whole closet and I got rid of so much stuff!!

That was so nice.  I really needed to do that!

Like I wrote about a couple of posts back, my family got to come to The Exchange, which was so much fun!

The next morning, I left with my parents and Dude to drive back to Decatur.

On the way, we stopped at the hotel where they stayed on the way there so I could see how cool it was.  It's called the Summit Inn Hotel and it's so pretty and really old!

We also stopped in Columbus to see Brent and meet his girlfriend Susan!

My parents had met Susan when she and Brent visited Tucson a couple of months ago.  It was so fun to see them!  We got coffee and tea at a cute coffee shop called Stauf's

We got to my grandparents' house pretty late and went to sleep when we got there.  We hung out, helped my grandma with her new iPad, and had lots of fun!  My grandma French braided my hair, which she is so good at!

We stayed there one more night and then drove to St. Louis.

I went to the St. Louis Zoo with Carl and Alicen the day we got there and it was so fun!  It's a great zoo, and it's free.  It was a nice cloudy day.


One day we went to a restaurant called Iron Barley which has been on the TV shows Man v. Food and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

Someone that had worked on a car for my dad told him that his parents owned it so we checked it out!  It was really yummy!!

Alex flew to St. Louis a day or two after we got there.  We went to see Inside Out with Carl and Alicen and it's such a sweet movie!

That night was our cousins' Alice and Marion's 21st birthday celebration!  It was at my aunt and uncle's house and it was so fun!  A lot of fam and friends were there.  We got to meet Izel's sweet baby boy!

My aunt and uncle made lots of yummy food; pasta, salad, dips, etc.  There were two types of cheesecake for dessert, too!  We played Catch Phrase and had a great time :)

The next day we went to Mt. Nebo, our cute little church in Greenville, IL.

The third Saturday of June every year is foot washing and a lot of my family is always there!  It was very fun.

Martha Sue, my great aunt's sister, uses her fan from Ginger and Marty's wedding (I made them!) all the time!!  How cute is she?!

We went to Decatur from there and spent one night with my grandparents.

It was fun to be with my dad and grandpa on Father's Day!  We had some yummy meals, as always!  

When we were back in St. Louis, we went to a new outlet mall there where Alice works in a cute cafe called Nadoz.

We got some great deals at the Gap, a book store, and J. Crew!  We visited Alice at work and she got to eat lunch with us!  The food was so good.

We also went to some fun antique shops, walked to stores near the my parents' condo, and ate at yummy places!

We celebrated Alicen's 21st birthday at a German restaurant called Schneithorst's on our last night there.  It was very yummy!

We flew home on Tuesday evening.  What a fun trip!!  We got to see so much family and we had a blast!

Thanks for reading!


  1. We had so much fun on our trip! Thanks for all the great pictures!!