Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Exchange - May and June


I'm going to write about The Exchange from May and June!  In May we had an extra special theme for The Exchange - Mother's Day!  Since the event takes place on the second Sunday of every month, it was on the same day as Mother's Day, which was really fun!

So many mamas and kiddos were there :)

Two of our young vendors had their moms there helping them!

Princess M Nail Polish 

And Scrubs by Sa'Nyia!

Here were the other vendors who participated in May:


Pickle and Tongue 

Simply Ro Jewelry 

Natasha's Just Brittle 

Coily Candy 

BleekerNPacific and Oyin Handmade 

The Noy Label 

Bead It Baltimore (I can't find my picture of them!)

Some of the vendors were interviewed throughout the event.

We also had a musical performance about halfway through the day!  Quinton Randall, a local Baltimore musician, sang a couple of songs.  He was great!  

I bought a super cute wire bendy bow headband from Coily Candy!

Kariyma and me!

In June, The Exchange happened while my parents were visiting us!  I was so excited for them and Alex to get to see what the event is like and meet everybody!!

My mom wore her cute Mimidre shirt that I picked out for her at the May event!

Here are the vendors we had in June!

Pickle and Tongue again, with some great new items for sale!

Paparazzi Accessories 

Pout Cosmetics 

The MusicHead Collection 

Nafeesa Organics 

Jun E Caniel 

New Vintage by Sam 

U Love Boutique 

And Oyin Handmade, of course!

We also had Krystal of KarmaPop/PieCycle with her new tricycle outside of Exit the Apple with delicious popsicles for sale!  

It was another great event!

Here's my usual cuties-on-the-couch pic!

Thanks for reading!

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